Forget the lightsaber. Give me the Jedi robes.

Saw Revenge of the Sith last week. Jedi are the poster children (er, poster younglings) of minimalism. They have a belt and a robe, and never appear to carry much of anything. No gadget bag, no iPod, no Thinkpad, nothing. Sure, a lightsaber is handy around the house, but Obi-Wan can pull just about anything out of those robes. Fall in the water after getting cannon-blasted by your turncoat buddies? Whip out your pen-sized rebreather. Good heavens – this is what I strive for, me and my poor achey back. Look at Anakin’s Padme-pad in Corusant. Not a thing around in that place except maybe one N-Gage looking data pad. Sign me up for the minimalist Jedi lifestyle.

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  2. Ahhh young Jedi, you misinterpret how technology effects minimalism. Embrace technology. Technology allows you to minimize possessions without having to surrender certain things in life. I own less than 200 items in this world (to include the clothes on my back) and they all fit in a gym bag about the size of 2 footballs. However, I can send e-mails, browse the internet, watch movies, listen to music—all because of technology.

    Technology is the minimalist’s friend.

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