Minimizing computer noise

This Minimalist has been trying to get a quiet PC for a looooong time. Between case fans, power supply fans, a northbridge fan, and even a graphics card fan, plus whirring hard drives, you may as well fire up your Dyson as a dust filter. That’s why we love our Thinkpad T42 – fast and very quiet, even when the fan and hard drive are going strong. Plop it into a docking station (cheap on ebay), and you’d never know you didn’t have a desktop 99% of the time. If you play games and want to minimize sound in your desktop, you’re not alone – this WSJ article talks about what some folks go through to silence their noisy gaming rigs. For more information, head on over to

Of course, laptops or small form factor machines designed to be quiet are the easiest solutions, but check and make sure it is actually quiet – many inexpensive laptops are poorly engineered and use desktop parts that throw off tons of heat. These can be just as loud as desktops. Blech.

One other tip – even on a Thinkpad, the CD-ROM drive can get pretty noisy, which stinks when watching movies. Copy that DVD to your hard drive and play it from there – no more noise issue.

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