For pros only – OpenX package opener

All of a sudden, this OpenX thing started showing up in all the gadget blogs. It is a specialized razor blade doohickey designed to open those impenetrable plastic blister packages.

OK. If you review gadgets for a living, I’m sure this is a very good thing. But if you don’t have to open a dozen new gizmos every day, this thing is ridiculous. I don’t care that it is only five bucks. I don’t care that it probably does a very nice job of opening plastic packages. I don’t care if it has a professional, heavy-duty yellow industrial look to it. If this is a serious problem for you, you’re buying too much plastic enclosed crap. This thing will be rusting away in the back of one of your drawers, just taking up space and making it more difficult to wedge in more useless widgets. Use a scissors carefully like you learned in kindergarten, and don’t buy one of these.

Not to mention the irony that it comes in a plastic blister pack. At least the makers have a sense of humor, because I certainly don’t. Good heavens, people.

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