To-Done: Geek to Live

Essay a few days ago from To-Done called Geek to Live. Unfortunately, I know exactly what Keith means when he is talking about new stuff like Backpack, the current darling of obsessive task and organization geeks (which is actually pretty cool, although I don’t use it myself):

It’s quite often that when a new tool or technology comes around I begin to feel this strange pressure, from where it comes I’ve got no clue, to jump on that technology, figure it out, use it and make my life “better.” I hate that feeling.

Yeah. I used to work on designing PIM applications (calendar, contacts, tasks, etc) for Pocket PC devices, so I’m already warped. But the bottom line is that if it isn’t clearly helping, it is surely hurting since you have to learn it, maintain it, deal with its bugs, blah blah blah. Don’t be fooled – if you can’t see the clear need, just ignore it until you do. File it away in the back of your head, and you’ll remember it when it really does become critical.

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