Morning roundup

Slashdot has a pointer to a “cheap, environmentally friendly” DIY air conditioner that isn’t friendly at all since you have to fill it with ice water, which is probably coming from your electricity slurping freezer. Wired points us to Newsweek’s article on the best tech tools for business travelers. Are you a prosumer? Always check your bank statements within a month or so, or you could be out big bucks. The Washington Post tells us “Fat Found to Accelerate Aging Process,” so switch to bite-size muffins. Maybe MSN will create a music subscription service that fixes the problems with Yahoo!’s current system. If you need to monitor your blood glucose, this wristwatch monitor seems like a huge win from carrying a kit around and remembering to stick your finger. Steve Jobs exhorts Stanford grads to live each day to the fullest according to Wired Magazine, but Lifehacker points us to this SF Chronicle article which tell us:

By routinely switching on our iPods and dialing up our favorite tunes, we’re cocooning ourselves in the old and familiar. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we’re erecting a defensive barrier against the new and alien, and retreating into our own personal worlds.

Maybe we should retreat from digital photography to tintypes, like photographer John Coffer…and give up electricity, plumbing, phone and the internet along the way.

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