Hard to believe expectations of beauty will rise with HDTV

The NYT tells us about HDTV exposing blemishes on many popular media stars:

The editors of OnHD.TV examined several dozen stars and compiled a list of heartthrobs who (they claim) wither under the unblinking gaze of high-def, including Cameron Diaz (”littered with unfortunate pockmarks”), Jewel (whose makeup ”looks like it was done by Ringling Brothers”) and Bill Maher (”scary”).

Of course, any time there is an improvement in technology, our expectations go up as well. It is easy to think that more is always better, but in this case, you may end up disappointed that you can see more than you could on your crappy old NTSC TV set. I’ve heard from some local folks who appear on TV regularly that this will also be an issue with TV backgrounds and sets – fake books (frequently used) will look fake, etc. Apparently most sets look really bad. No wonder there is lots of foot-dragging on switching to digital broadcasting.

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