Baking bread today

We’ve started baking our own bread, mostly because it is interesting, and we use exactly the kind of flour we want; it is hard to find good premade whole wheat challah, even at Fresh Fields. RecipeZaar has a decent challah recipe we’re modifying. We make four or so loaves at once, and freeze most of the dough so we can bake it when we don’t have time to make it from scratch. So we’re trying to learn about all the different kinds of flour, and were wondering how “Unbleached wheat flour with added germ” compared nutritionally to stone ground whole wheat flour. We came across this site, which seems to go a bit overboard on getting fresh flour:

What is the solution to this problem? Ideally, one should buy wheat in sacks, grind the grain at home and quickly bake it into bread.

Um, yeah. I think that might just kill the fun a bit. We’re trying to zero in on a tasty recipe that uses a minimum number of easily available, cheap ingredients and is really healthy, yet isn’t too hard to make. We’re zeroing in, but each experiment takes a while, so it’ll be a while yet. We’ve moved the challah to half whole wheat and are trying to reduce the oil next.

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