The line between candy and medication is getting fuzzy

The Seattle PI tells us that diet sodas may “make us fat,” but more oddly, CNN indicates candy manufacturers are starting to include things like caffeine, ginseng, and guarana in their products. I like the fact that the link at CNN has “fitness candy” as the descriptor.

“People need to realize if they haven’t been sweating and need to replace electrolytes, you don’t really need these products,” she said. The use of stimulants is an even greater concern because they can cause dangerous increases in a person’s heart rate and blood pressure, she added.

But Larry Graham, president of the National Confectioners Association, said candy makers are simply answering consumer demand.

“Manufacturers are looking for new ways to build healthful benefits into their candy,” Graham said.

I always thought the sugar jolt of a handfull of jelly beans would do the trick, but apparently I’m naive. I guess I’ll be reading the labels carefully on my next sugary snack, since I’m trying to (at least somewhat) limit my caffeine intake.

2 Responses to “The line between candy and medication is getting fuzzy”

  1. Lisa says:

    Healthy candy! What a hoot. Candy isn’t supposed to be healthy. It’s a rich, luxurious, non-minimalist indulgence for those of us who usually do without in other ways.
    Screw healthy. Sometimes you just have to indulge….

  2. Lisa says:

    You know what your title reminds me of? This may be an old wives tale but I’m not sure. A family in America was sending gift baskets to their extended family who lived a deprived lifestyle in eastern europe somewhere. One day the family got a letter from their european relatives who asked if they could please send me of that miraculous medication that was curing all of their family members. Grandma didn’t feel her arthritis anymore. Uncle had more energy. Mother didn’t have depression anymore all because of this wonderful medication.
    The American family was confused because they had not sent any medication to their European relatives until finally at the end of the letter the miraculous medication that was wanted was given a name: LifeSavers.

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