Stick with SD memory cards

In the beginning, there was Compact Flash (CF). Then that was too big, and thus was created Secure Digital (SD). Then manufacturers created “standards” for a bajillion other random formats that annoy the heck out of anyone who shops for digital cameras, PDAs, cellphones, and laptops. Fortunately, there are some products that help with the mish-mash. Today, I’d recommend sticking with SD. It is about as inexpensive as CF, has large capacities, and there are a variety of SD to CF adapters (1 2 3 4) that will allow you to use it in any CF device as well. I’d recommend one that adapts the SD card to the thinner Type I version of CF, since it will work in more devices. Good deal. Don’t fall into the “I’ll just buy separate cards for each device” trap. Shop for devices that can all use the same cards to reduce your mental overhead.

Yes, there are adapters that adapt smaller card formats to SD, but we don’t know if you can then adapt those to CF without issues. Getting too complicated…brain hurting…

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