Artificial legs: high technology = simplicity

Most often, high tech is overly complicated. However, as the NYT points out this morning, high tech is making prostheses much simpler and better for those who have lost their legs. Of course, they have to be plugged in, but that seems reasonable for the benefit they provide:

He recalled attending a party where the lithium-ion batteries for his legs went dead.

“I usually get 30 hours out of them before I have to charge them again,” he said. “But I didn’t charge them up the day before.”

When his legs ran out of power, he said he spent most of his time sitting on a couch talking to people with his legs plugged into an electrical outlet nearby. “It was fine,” he said, adding that no one seemed to care.

I love the phrase “when his legs ran out of power.” Happened to me while jogging this morning, but I had to eat a hearty breakfast of huevos rancheros to fuel back up.

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