Retractable cables rock, but I can’t find…

I hate cables and adapters both at home and while traveling. Problem number one is the huge number of incompatible chargers. This WaPo article says it best:

“If you switch [cell phone] brands, it won’t work,” Kammerer said of his many chargers. “I wish they were standardized. My briefcase gets heavy.”

Manufacturers argue that providing their own chargers ensures the quality of the service, said Jeff Joseph, a spokesman for the Consumer Electronics Association. Also, at $30 to $50 for a charger, “it’s an important revenue source.”

Yeah, whatever. I’d buy more electronics if I didn’t have to ditch all my accessories and adapters, and that would also be an important revenue source. -10 points for Jeff Joseph. I don’t know how to solve the charger problem yet. There are some products that try to be an all-in-one charging solution, but I’ve never found any that seem really good.

For other cable issues, retractable cables can at least help while you’re on the road. Zip-linq is the most famous, but now there are tons of knock-offs. This kit combines a whole bunch of retractable cables in one case, so you at least get a bulk discount, I guess. But it is still quite a bit of stuff to drag around. This kit is a much better solution. It has a single retractable cable, with adapters to turn it into a variety of different connectors. But it still is too many little parts to keep track of. I haven’t been able to find the best of all worlds. I like the Roadwired style of retractable cable. It is a solid hunk of rectangular plastic you can throw in your bag without worrying about anything snagging or breaking. I want one of these with slots to store a bunch of adapters to reconfigure the cable for phone, ethernet, USB, etc. That would be the best of all worlds. Anyone know of such a thing?

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