It costs less per day than your coffee!

How many different services advertise that they cost less than your daily cup of coffee? Of course, they don’t mean Folgers drip in your skanky old mug – they are referring to the $3-4 coffee at one of the ubiquitous coffee shops like Cairbou or Starbucks. Still…that doesn’t seem like much cash. But especially for students, it adds quite a bit to student loans, as Javanomics 101: Today’s Coffee Is Tomorrow’s Debt, points out in the Washington Post. I love cafes – I think they are great. But it is certainly a coup for coffee shops to have accustomed us to thinking that it is a trivial cost, when it really isn’t. We complain about movie tickets being $10, but that’s 2 hours of real entertainment if you don’t pick a dud. Everyone will always spend money on non-necessities, which is fine, but coffee as a daily habit can really rack it up:

To quantify the craziness, Lim distributes coffee-consumption charts. One shows that a five-day-a-week $3 latte habit on borrowed money can cost $4,154, when repaid over 10 years.

Maybe cut back to once or twice a week? It’ll make the trip feel more special, and you won’t regret it two years down the road.

2 Responses to “It costs less per day than your coffee!”

  1. Robson says:

    Good point !
    But, I think that real life quality comes from daily habits. Ok, expensive coffee is not one of my habits, but I certainly have other habits that could be classified as unnecessary. I’ll try to make the same analysis for my small luxuries.

  2. Mike says:

    The problem is that half the time im so miserable at work that even though i know the money spent on things like coffee adds up, any little thing to help me get through the day is worth it.

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