Handhelds/PDAs replacing laptops? I think not.

Brighthand recently ran an editorial titled Handhelds vs. Laptops — How to Lighten Your Load in One Easy Lesson. Well, that’s an appealing premise – I’d love to lighten my load, but I still take my Thinkpad with me when I need something more than my cellphone. It isn’t because handhelds and PDAs aren’t amazingly capable. It is because I don’t want to spend the time and effort learning the foibles of another operating system, figure out how to get my data back and forth, and have another thingee to charge, maintain, etc. Blech. Laptops are getting very small and light. I think they are going to win for any real work situation.

And yes, I’ve tried the fold-up keyboards, pocket versions of Word and Excel, and the whole 9 yards, so no comments about how I just need to try it out.

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  1. Ben says:

    Indeed. A small touchscreen interface will never work as efficiently as a real tactile keyboard. Besides, does anyone get full use out of handheld without connecting to a computer? They can’t replace standard laptops mostly because massive data entry is slow and unwieldy without them.

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