Vibrating wristwatch

How many times have you been at a movie, in a lecture, or on the train and heard someone’s watch beeping? And have them not even notice? Grrrrr. This Casio GW-400J vibrating watch (covered at Watch Report) makes too much sense – you feel it vibrate, and nobody else knows. My wife’s analog/digital combo watch once started beeping and wouldn’t stop. I had to get out tools and pry the back off and remove the battery to get it to stop. I now have a watch that has no beeping capability at all, to make SURE that never happens to me.

Maybe if they make this thing smaller and less dorky, my next watch will vibrate.

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  1. liam says:

    ha it’s a funny issue isn’t it. I really like the idea of the vibrating watches. Some people use them to wake them up in the morning and not disturb their partner. I don’t think I’d be that comfortable sleeping with a watch on to be honest.

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