Small house movement

I love small houses. We live in an apartment, and I don’t think I want anything bigger – we have enough trouble keeping this small space neat and uncluttered. I also love the cleverness of having to live in a small space – you are forced to consider what you own, since you don’t have a big garage, basement or spare rooms to stash stuff.

Apparently I’m not alone. The Small House Society has a bunch of good resources for small house living. Apartment Therapy had a contest for the smallest, coolest apartment, and the results were pretty amazing. Of course, space-constrained Japan is a hotspot for living small – I gotta visit sometime.

2 Responses to “Small house movement”

  1. ~Dawn says:

    I so very much want a small house- nothing over 1200sqft. That seems managable. But I think I can only afford a mobile home here in the denver metro 🙁

  2. di says:

    Easy way to declutter: Create a list of necessities.

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