What to minimize for muffin cups?

Saw these silicone muffin cups, and it brings up a recent debate here. We’ve always used paper muffin cups, but were debating whether it would be better to spray oil in a standard muffin tin. We hadn’t decided, but now there is this third option. So here’s the question: should we minimize silicone, paper or oil? I’m thinking we’ll still go with paper, but other opinions are welcome.

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  1. ~Dawn says:

    Just how many muffins a month do you bake? I would go with paper for cleanliness. If you bake more than one batch a week, then I would go with the oil. If the expense of the oil outweighs the new, reusable muffin thingy, then go with them.
    My 2ร‚ยข

  2. Minimalist J says:

    Not too many muffins – I’m on a long-running tapioca pudding kick right now. I figure that perhaps the spray oil uses steel and plastic, and probably isn’t recyclable since it has so many parts, so environmentally, the silicone might make sense. But now we’re looking at refillable oil misters since we use spray oil many times each week, so I think we’ll end up using that. Then we have less baking stuff to store.

  3. Lil says:

    Use a pastry brush and pour a few drops in the bottom of the first cup, and then swish it brush around in all the cups. The result is a very light coat of oil that is less even than the spray. I use olive oil.

  4. Juli says:

    I adore my stoneware muffin pan from Pampered Chef. Over time, the stoneware becomes seasoned and develops a non-stick surface, so you no longer need to use any kind of oil or paper cups. I think I used oil only twice, and now I bake muffins all the time without having to season or paper the cups. Stoneware bakes thoroughly too, often better than other alternatives, and you clean Pampered Chef’s stoneware with hot water only, so it saves on dish soap! ๐Ÿ™‚ (And no, I don’t sell Pampered Chef products. I just love their stoneware.)

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