Cheaper, simpler cellphones

I love my cellphone, but sometimes it crashes and refuses to make a call. And it isn’t a cheap model – it just got distracted by doing too many other things like keeping my calendar. Most of the world can’t afford even a basic cellphone model. Wired talks about how Cheap Is New Cell-Phone Mantra, with manufacturers hoping to create a phone that will sell for under $15 by 2008. To do it, they need to minimize just about everything:

Manufacturers also cut costs by using black-and-white screens, doing away with MP3 support for ring tones and providing 100 spaces for contact information rather than 500.

Well, that’s ok. Please just make them call reliably.

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  1. ~Dawn says:

    My cellphone is about 4 yrs old and has games on it I’ve never played with, I think it has text capabilities, but has a great reception and send/receive feature. Basic is it for me.

    If I want to IM someone, I’ll do it on the pc. If I want to play games, on the pc. And if I want to take a picture, I have a nifty camera that has many different bells and whistles that I have yet to use as well.

    I just cant wrap my brain around it, maybe cause I’m a gen Xer and not a Gen Yer

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