Self storage – wow, we have lots of stuff

Slate writes about our Self-Storage Nation today. I expected this to be a one-sided piece about how we’re all such pathetic overconsumers that we can’t cram all of our crap into our ever-larger houses. Indeed – that is about half the article. But the other half talks about some of the other reasons for self-storage, including people who are moving or getting divorced, as well as the fact that more and more houses are built without attics and basements.

But still, people. Do we really need “1,875 billion square feet of personal storage?” Much of that really is just:

mementos we somehow can’t live with, and yet can’t live without, and exemplify the downside of acquisition, the moment when you realize there are more bread machines, plastic lawn chairs, and treadmills than anyone could use in a lifetime.

Just give it away to someone who can use it, or recycle it. Spending cash to store stuff you are never going to use is just silly.

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  1. di says:

    I inherited a lot of beautiful heirlooms. I’ve continued to take good care of them, but then pass them on to responsible family members.

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