Prepaid cellphone plans – wave of the future?

Right now, standard cellphone plans are monthly, with a pretty hefty bucket of minutes. My wife and I never even come close to using all of our minutes, yet we pay the same amount as if we’d used all of them. Plus, the monthly bills have a large number taxes and additional fees that really swell the total amount paid. The Washington Post had an article a little while ago about prepaid being used more and more by folks who don’t want a monthly plan, especially younger users. My mom uses a prepaid service, and it works fine for her. Now Net10 has announced that they have flat-rate 10 cents/minute prepaid cellphone service, nationwide. That is getting close to tempting for a switch. At minimum, it will hopefully put more pressure on cellphone companies to lower their monthly rates. For now, I’m staying put since I like not worrying about minutes at all, but this is something to keep an eye on.

Via I4u.

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