All Small & Mighty laundry detergent

We’ve used All Free & Clear laundry detergent for quite a while. It is available in a pretty inexpensive monster 200 oz container and seems to do a fine job on clothing, although we always wash on warm – tried once on cold, and jogging shirts were still stinky. Anyway, we live in an apartment building with a laundry room in the basement, so the 200 oz was mighty inconvenient. Even normal 100 oz detergent bottles were a pain.

allI saw the new All Small & Mighty, Triple Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, Free Clear (yes, that’s a mouthful), which comes in a small container, more like a dish detergent bottle. It isn’t much more expensive than the normal stuff, and with coupons & sales at CVS and Safeway, was actually much cheaper per load. I like the reduced packaging and resources used in shipping it to the store, as well as reduced space taken up at home – in a small apartment, storing big detergent bottles is a pain. And even better, it is easy to put in the laundry basket and haul down to the basement of the building – much better than standard size detergent bottles.

But does it work? Yes. I make sure to let some water run into the washer, add the (surprisingly small amount of) detergent, let the water run for a few more seconds to mix things up, then add the clothes. They smell fine – no problems. This review says that it turned into an unpourable “thick gel” after a while, so I’ve made sure to screw the cap on tightly. Hopefully we won’t have any such troubles, but you’ll hear about it here if we do.

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  1. Wayne says:

    I have found through the years that liquids in plastic bottles can very slowly evapoate through the plastic. This includes sealed bottles of salad dressing.
    My suggestion on the concentrated liquid detergent is to add a bit of water to it after using 1/3 or more of the container, and shake well.
    I also found, or soit seems, that if you find a product like laundry detergent that works, you’ll suddenly find it vanishes from the stores shelves.
    They always come out with “new and Improved” which boils down to cheaper for them to make, does not do as well, or taste as good, for you, costs you mopre, and you get less per container.

    A few months ago, I bought a 12 pack of Charmin double rolls, which turn out to have 352 sheets per roll. I was using some that had been bought at a commisary at an AFB a bit over 3 years ago, and those have/had 400 sheets per roll. New and Improved?
    Liquids in glass bottles seem to retain their liquid content fine, but, as I mentioned, pl;astic bottles will actually allow a very gradual evaporation through the plastic. Most people do not notice this.
    I guess mainly because they usually use it up far faster than I do.
    So, after you have used some, add a tad of water, won’t really hurt it, shake well and put away till next use.
    I usually don’t buy name brands anymore, unless on sale, or if it is really a better product.
    Presently using trend, that I bought at the Dollar store, and it does a great job, using less per load, in cold water.
    All would cost me more per load based on the price for the same size container. can’t comment on the new one you mention…

  2. Sara Richardson says:

    When I was living in an apartment building, the laundry room was 5 flights down, in the basement. The answer to the problem of carrying a big bottle of detergent up and down? I would use a smaller bottle (toiletry size) and transfer only what I needed for that wash.

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