TruBamboo cutting board – broken

TruBamboo - brokenTreehugger says that bamboo is the new cotton, and sings paeans to it regularly. It certainly seems like a great idea – quick growing, renewable, beautiful, and supposedly durable. We needed a small cutting board, and purchased a TruBamboo Small Bermuda. It looks cool, and is a perfect size. Chopping on it was fine, but slicing really seemed to cut deeply into the board. For better or worse, we’re no longer concerned about it getting all marked up – after a month or so, we noticed that gaps were appearing in the light-colored areas on the sides. It turns out that the board is just a bunch of strips of bamboo glued together. It fell from the drying rack, and half of the light strip on one side snapped off. Blech.

We didn’t abuse the board – hand washing, drying it on edge on a towel so it didn’t stay damp, etc. I think the implementation is flawed – the bamboo apparently warps even under normal use (causing the gaps, faintly visible in the picture), and a single fall can easily snap one of the many seams. Perhaps layering it up in alternating directions or using notched strips would help. Or stronger glue. In any event, these are too fragile for our kitchen. Plus, there is no way to easily contact the company to complain (email? nope… web form? nope…), so I think we’re just going to trash it when it breaks again or becomes unsanitary from the gaps, and skip the TruBamboo next time. Anyone have luck with another kind?

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  1. Pat says:

    I haven’t even used my yet, just washed and noticed splintering. I am returning it because I don’t want this in my food especially if it has all this glue in it.

  2. Hello – I am an employee of Trubamboo in product development and have the following information on the published information…

    As for the boards not being strong and cracking – The two colored boards are pinned together, in addition, to being glued therefore there are extremely strong. Unless properly cared for – the boards will eventually crack and, of course, them falling on the ground will also cause them to break – Proper care is on the board directions and it states that you must oil the boards with mineral oil often to preserve the look and keep them from cracking and drying out ; which is standard for bamboo boards… I would assume if properly cared for you would not have that problem.

    Please note that all cutting boards purchased by Trubamboo use food safe FDA approved glue .

    In addition, on our website we have all our contact information and number so to contact us is very easy.


  3. Minimalist J says:

    Thanks for the response! First, let me say that indeed, your phone number and address are on your site. I should have clarified that I was looking for an email address or at least a web form in order to submit a complaint rather than having to write and mail a letter or try and get ahold of you on the phone. A website without any electronic contact information seems odd.

    As to the strength of the board, I stick to my original report – the board I purchased was anything but “extremely strong.” The dowels you speak of have now shown themselves on our board as more pieces fall off in regular use – we’re down to only one of the light colored pieces on one side, from an original 5 or so. The light colored area extends about an inch from the dark part of the board, but the dowels only extend about 3/8″, so they don’t really help much. The glue isn’t enough to keep the pieces from warping and pulling away. I understand that bamboo must be layered in strips to make a board, but unless done well, I contend you are much better off with a solid wood board that doesn’t have this problem.

    Due to these issues, I think we would have had all of the problems we did even with perfect care – blaming us for poor care of the board doesn’t excuse the design and implementation flaws in the board.

  4. murphy says:

    This comment is a bit late. Just stumbled onto your site, looking for something else, but hooked by the cutting board entry. Have had the same kind of problem with all sorts of cutting boards. I just find a waterproof glue and clamp them back together. Sand off any glue left on the surface. When wood boards warp and crack I just trim the sides of the crack with my table saw and glue the slightly narrower board back together. If you really are tired of the whole broken board thing, find a plastic or nylon board at a restaurant supply. Find one that will fit in your dishwasher if you use one.

  5. thanks for the heads up.

  6. jimpdx says:

    this is a bit late, but try the epicurean cutting board. they are great and they now have one made out of recycled products. i’ve had one for a few years and it works great. you can even warm items such as bread with it in the oven.

  7. Minimalist J says:

    Funny – we did buy two epicurean boards (one large, one small), and they are working out really well. Simple, very thin, easy to clean, and seem to hold up quite well.

  8. Zac says:

    This just happened to me. I bought some elmers wood glue. voila.

  9. We must use more recycled products in order for us to reduce the garbabe problem that we have:.`

  10. ariel says:

    just bought trubamboo boards no light colored sides. i am chemically sensitive and dont like the idea of mineral oil in my food. what is mineral oil? petroleum. i am concerned about the glue used to weld the pieces of bamboo together and if its already covered in mineral oil. i tried to go to their web site and couldnt get into it.

  11. Shealey says:

    to Ariel…mineral oil is found in the laxative isle at the drug store.
    the 85yr old lady that i take care of drinks a big swigg of it every day!

    i just bought a TruBamaboo Cocktail Board and havent even taken it out of the package yet. but i read the instructions and it says ” oil daily for a week before use”.
    can i use regular mineral oil? or it has to be Tru oil? anyone????

  12. Cora says:

    Just bought one without the light colour sides this afternoon. So disappointed by the many disappointing reviews. So far, nobody mentioned the benefits of bamboo board over the wooden board.

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