Destruction for fashion

I don’t know what store this is, but I can’t stand egregious waste. Basically, rather than dilute their high-end brand, they destroy old merchandise in full view of customers if it doesn’t sell. I suppose the intended message is that their stuff is so exclusive that it should be destroyed rather than be seen in the dirty hands of the un-cool. Or that you may as well pay full price, since they certainly won’t be doing any discounting. Dunno. Heck – I don’t even go into stores that keep their air conditioning on with their doors wide open in the summer, so this is way over my line.

3 Responses to “Destruction for fashion”

  1. Isarian says:

    This kind of made me want to kick people. Namely the ones in charge. >.>

  2. Annette says:

    Yeah, this kind of stuff drives me crazy, wanton waste. But you know, their stuff, though expensive, was must more crap for some hoarder to dig out of their dumpster, and to feel like they had a ‘real find’.

  3. God Bless America says:

    I would like to raid their dumpsters and then take the clothing to a consignment shop.

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