Money-band / Rubber band for wallet

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of traffic from mnmlist, which turns out to be another site from the prolific Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits. I often feel like a fraud of a minimalist, given the amount of clutter in our house, but hey – Leo mentions the money-band, which is essentially a rubberband you use to hold all your stuff together. Looks nice, but I’ve been using those thick, small rubber bands that hold broccoli together for a long time now, and it is great. Works very well around credit cards, with cash folded twice stored on one side, and receipts jammed into the other. I used to have an enormous wallet, which was actually wearing wallet-shaped holes in my pants and giving me back problems. This fits in my front pocket really comfortably.

Rubber Band Wallet

Just One Club Card is also a boon to reducing the thickness, and works great here in Canada as well as in the USA. When I use it, it gets reactions ranging from “does that really work?” to “I need one of those.”

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  1. Zack says:

    I saw that over there as well. I think I might have to try one out. Thanks.

  2. You’ve got a product to sell… the broccoli wallet! Better start eating a lot of broccoli.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get down to a money band but I won’t say it can’t happen. I have reduced my wallet tremendously. I used to buy the biggest one I could find with a ton of zippered pockets and then I’d store the kitchen sink inside of it.

    Last year when I started going minimalist I downsized my wallet going with a slimline little beauty that doesn’t weigh much at all. You’ve inspired me to think further.

    Maybe some day in the future there’ll be a broccoli band in my life. I do looove broccoli.

    One question, I’ve always wondered this and maybe it’s a girl vs guy thing, but what do you do with loose change? Keep it in your pocket then put it in a change jar at home? All those pennies and dimes and quarters are the reason I feel I need a wallet right now…

    Great post! Love the site.


  3. Minimalist J says:

    Change – goes in left front pocket, to be spent as soon as possible so it does not accumulate. A band lasts a while if you’re not rough with it, so you don’t need to eat too much broccoli…

  4. Cassie says:

    This may seem shallow, but have you gotten any flack for using a broccoli band instead of a wallet? I used to keep my necessary cards/coins in a ziplock while I was in university, and took some flack for it. I thought it was functional, my friends thought I was cheap. I ended up caving and buying an overpriced wallet.

  5. Minimalist J says:

    To my surprise, no, I haven’t received much notice. I suspect some people are secretly rolling their eyes when they see it, but nobody has mentioned anything. I do turn the band inside out so that the broccoli writing isn’t visible. My wife uses the same thing, and says she hasn’t had any comments either. I forget who said “what you think of me is none of my damn business” but for me, it applies in this case.

  6. Tom says:

    I have a wallet, but it also contains my palm pilot (Palm TX). So while it’s another “thing” it serves two purposes. The palm pilot also tends to encourage me to carry as few cards as possible. I carry it in the front pocket so the electronics don’t get crushed.

    On the topic of PDAs, I found that through electronics stores on the Internet that I can simply replace failed parts and keep the Palm TX and all the data that’s accumulated since 1998. Who needs an iPad? Not in my wallet!

  7. flip-flop guy here bringing ultra-cool to minimalism. It is all about happiness. Stuff doesn’t make me happy except my flippie-floppies. Enjoying your time that matters. I enjoyed reading your blog.
    I’ve been a minimalist and enjoy my life and don’t let society dictate my happiness cause flip-flop guy is ultra-cool.

  8. VanGuy says:

    The iphone has a program that you can scan coupons and use the iphone as a scanner for your cards at checkout! Awesome…

  9. Ben says:

    I used to use a nice thick rubber band. But it kept breaking on me! I came up with this idea, patented it, and call it the Xband. It wont break and holds better than an old stretched-out rubber band.


  10. money band says:

    Wow i would have never thought of something this deep, i am being sarcastic, you took only few steps to show how to put a rubber band or money band around some stuff.

  11. Lilly says:

    Check his out ! is a great idea , inexpensive and the rubber band is made
    from silicone, is patented and you can order very easy online !
    all famous people in Hollywood got it !

  12. Jason says:

    I’ve found that a simple binder clip works best for me. That solves the problem caused by the breaking of the rubber band. The only downside I can think of is that it takes me slightly longer to pick out a card that is not directly on the outside. The clip I use is about 1/4 inch think and has worked flawlessly as a simple wallet.

  13. Dan says:


    Came across a photo of your wallet on google image search and was wondering how my broccoli wallet ended up on someone’s blog… loe and behold someone else had figured out the great bonus that comes with broccoli!

  14. CJ says:

    There is a better product coming out that makes buying a money band worth it. Emotional connection with this product and it is already selling in the Midwest.

  15. […] Si je veux un portefeuille vraiment minimaliste, j’utiliserai un gros élastique (comme ça). […]

  16. Torin Opper says:

    Two things I do to minimize wallet junk. 1. I store my wallet (inside a ziplock baggie) under the spare tire in my car’s trunk. If I am out and about and need something like identification I know where it is. 2. The only thing I dont carry in my wallet, and that I always have on me is my ATM/bank card. I bought a baseball hat that has a zipper up under the brim and store it there. Works very well. 🙂

  17. Yes says:

    I’ve reached this point in my quest to be as minimalist as possible. Thanks for sharing. What do you use for your keys?

  18. Minimalist J says:

    Just a simple split ring, with no additional fobs. We’re getting an electronic lock put on our front door so that will get rid of a key and simplify letting other people into our house, including our kids as they get older. I’ve seen special keychains and such, but they seemed like more hassle than they were worth.

  19. Deborah Ray says:

    I upcycled an old piece of denim into a wider band for my wallet and have used it for the past couple of years with great success and looks of jealousy from some of the folks who see it. There may be some folks who disapprove but who cares about them!

    I’m also keeping a broccoli band on the outside of it now but for simple MacGyverisms and not for functionality. I can’t tell you how many times it’s come in handy to keep a bag shut or some other such thing.

  20. jahid says:

    I upcycled an vintage piece of denim into a wider band for my pockets and feature used it for the past couple of years with splendid achievement and appears of jealousy from a number of the those who see it. There can be some people who disapprove however who cares about them!

    I’m also retaining a broccoli band at the outside of it now however for easy MacGyverisms and no longer for functionality. i can’t let you know how usually it’s are available reachable to hold a bag close or a few different such factor.

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